Reconstructive microsurgery is an integral part of Plastic Surgery. Loss of tissue secondary to trauma or tumour is made up by harvesting tissue from other parts of the body along with its blood supply. A delicate procedure follows where the blood vessels are joined together to allow blood to reach the harvested tissue. Microvascular surgery has revolutionised the management of a wide variety of problems. Refinements in surgery have resulted in more aesthetic and more functional reconstructions, so as to restore the form and function of the injured tissue. We are one of the largest centres of reconstructive microsurgery in the region, with a team of surgeons working round the clock, performing complex reconstructions.

Tongue reconstruction

Toe transfer for ring finger

Toe pulp for Thumb

TDAP flap for hand dorsal defect

TDAP flap for foot SCAR

Replant hand at wrist level

Replant little finger tip

ALT leg n foot

ALT flap for leg n foot

ALT for fore arm hand dorsal defect

ALT Flap for dorsum foot defect