lower extremity trauma:

All reconstructions follow the dictum of a thorough debridement as a rule. Most secondary complications and infections can be avoided if the wound is thoroughly explored and debrided at the first setting, giving the surgeon a perspective of the tissue losses and extent and nature if injuries. This may be in conjunction with orthopedic surgeons in cases of associated long bone fractures.

  • Debridement in itself and negative pressure wound therapy
  • Skin grafting
  • Local flaps- myocutaneous, fasciocutaneous, muscle flaps
  • Free tissue transfer
  • Tendon reconstructions with or without tendon graft
  • Primary tendon transfers
  • Primary Nerve repair
  • Fixation of small phalanges of foot
  • Tendoachilles repair

ALT flap for leg

ALT for leg n foot

ALT leg

Foot bilateral crush

Foot reconstruction- Latissimus dorsi flap

Gracilis flap for foot reconstruction

Great toe revascularization

LD myocutaneous flap for foot reconstruction


Malignant melanoma foot

MSAP flap for leg defect

TDAP flap for foot SCAR

TDAP flap for foot dorsal defect